Prices (per month)Standard EditionSTDProfessional EditionPRO
Summary DescriptionAn entry level solution for small businessesA complete, turnkey solution for complex businesses
5 Customer Service Representatives$49$75
10 Customer Service Representatives$75$99
25 Customer Service Representatives$149$199
Unlimited Customer Service Representatives$249$299
24/7 customer support includedXX
Free lifetime upgradeXX
Unlimited amount of customersXX
Customer Desk FeaturesStandard EditionSTDProfessional EditionPRO
Highly customizable: Ability to change Customer Desk appearance.XX
Integration with your website: Application is specially designed and developed to allow fast and complete integration with existing customer's website.XX
Multilingual user interface: English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese,Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Japanese user interfaces. More languages will be available soon.XX
Requests Submission: Customers are able to ask, review or update questions to the support staff.XX
Automatic email notifications: The system automatically generates email notifications when issues are resolved or updated by the support staff.XX
Frequently Asked Questions: Searchable Knowledge base of frequently asked questions helps to find answers to related problems or questions.XX
Discussion Forum: Customer's community where they can find solutions, advices, discussions and friends.X
Idea Exchange: Dedicated "ideas" forum for customers to post, vote, comment and see what is planned to deliver.X
SSL security option: Secure customer communication through the Customer Desk site using 128-bit encryption.X
FAQ access restriction: Access to certain FAQ topics may be restricted for each customer individually.X
E-mail Interface: Allows customers to submit requests via email. Attachments will be linked to the request.X
Customer Registration Control OptionsStandard EditionSTDProfessional EditionPRO
Self registering: To submit requests customers need to register for the first time to create a separate password-protected account.XX
Simplified: Seamless registration while submitting requests with e-mail and name only.XX
Restricted: Customers are created and provided with login info by support staff only.XX
Custom Registration Integration: Ability to customize registration to allow possible integration with customer's own registration form.X
Mixed mode: Combines self registering with automatic registration/login from any third-party site/application.X
Support Desk FeaturesStandard EditionSTDProfessional EditionPRO
Web-based: All the functionality is accessible through the Web.XX
Staff Management: Ability to create, update and delete support staff records.XX
Product/Area Management: Ability to create, update and delete your company's support site products/areas.XX
Customer Questions Management: Ability to resolve or update customers' questions as well as searching through a questions database for a related answer.XX
FAQ Knowledgebase Management: Customer support staff has an easy way to create and update the FAQ Knowledge base records or to search through FAQ database for a related answer.XX
Automatic email notification: The system automatically notifies support staff when the new request has been sent or when the existing issue information was updated by the customer.XX
Security: The site is secured by a unique user Id / password combination to prevent unauthorized access to the site.XX
Easy Customization: All features may be customized through easy to navigate web-based forms.XX
Newsletters wizard: Allows sending newsletters to customers.XX
Assignment Rules: The system allows setting rules for automatic questions assignment to customer service representatives according to the product, company or domain.XX
Role-based permission: Ability to manage user access rights for "Knowledge Base", "Questions", "Customers" and "Reports" tabs in Support Desk.XX
Reports: Build-in reports to gather statistical informational with optional charts.XX
Spell Checker: Checks spelling online in customer support replies.XX
Discussion Forum Management: Maintain and participate in customer's community.X
Idea Exchange Management: Obtain and share customer's or own ideas, show what is planned to deliver.X
SSL security option: Secure support staff communication through the Support Desk site using 128-bit encryption.X
Mail Integration: Allows customers to submit help desk requests via email. Attachments will be linked to the request.X
Mail Rules: Ability to assign certain products/areas for different groups of questions coming through email interface.X
Custom Fields: Ability to create custom fields for the user registration and request forms.X
Escalation Rules: Ability to set rules for automatic escalation of customer request according to the time, status, product and other criteria.X
Response Templates: Ability to create typical response templates to streamline support staff answers.X
Third-party Software Integration: CRMdesk can be integrated with BUGtrack - bug tracking and project management software.X
Web-Query: Ability to create web-query to the CRMdesk database. Query result is available in the XML or HTML format.X